Now fully operational, the Crash Report Sampling System (CRSS) is the worlds largest collection of crash data. Replacing the NASS General Estimates System, CRSS collects and codes data from police crash reports in 60 representative areas Primary Sampling Units across the nation.

Relying on our experience in NASS-GES, NHTSA has identified KLD as the company to develop the CRSS infrastructure and provide high-quality data to populate the system. KLDs crash sampling staff will review at least 600,000 crash reports every year. Of those, approximately 50,000-60,000 will be selected for complete data coding by KLDs staff of highly-trained crash data coders.

CRSS sampling and coding operations are both headquartered in KLDs San Antonio facility, although some staff members operate remotely, in order to efficiently collect the required police crash reports.