NHTSA Data Modernization

NHTSA began the planning phase of the Data Modernization Project in 2012. In 2015, KLD launched the first operational Primary Sampling Units under the new system, and began pilot data collection. By the end of 2016, KLD will be operating 24 CISS PSU offices, and will be conducting operations at 60 CRSS PSUs, spanning the entire continental United States.

The primary purpose of the Data Modernization Project is to improve the accuracy of the sampled data.Having determined that the NASS sample was losing its statistical accuracy, NHTSA reselected the data collection sites. For KLD, this meant closing NASS offices and potentially losing many of our most experienced personnel. Through enterprising innovations in connectivity, KLD was able to retain a large majority of our highly-valued NASS workforce.

KLD achieved one of the major
NASS transition objectives –
keeping NASS-experienced people on staff.