CISS Team Leaders

Rachel Coll

P01 Rachel Coll

Team Leader

Comal County, TX

Paul Tillema

P02 Paul Tillema

Team Leader

Coal Valley, IL

Chris Douthit

P03 Chris Douthit

Team Leader

Carter County, OK

Dan Harrington

P04 Dan Harrington

Team Leader

Monterey County, CA

Jessica Gardner

P06 Jessica Gardner

Team Leader

Atlantic County, NJ

Mike Pedersen

P08 Mike Pedersen

Team Leader

Lewiton, ID

Ben Etherington

P09 Ben Etherington

Team Leader

Butte County, CA

John Wilson

P10 John Wilson

Team Leader

Etowah County, AL

Jason Poole

P11 Jason Poole

Team Leader

Eau Claire, WI

Vanessa Hussel

P12 Vanessa Hussel

Team Leader

Hamilton County, OH

Floyd McDonald

P13 Floyd McDonald

Team Leader

Wellsboro, PA

Kathy Kinder

P14 Kathy Kinder

Team Leader

Phoenix, AZ

Thorsten Peters

P15 Thorsten Peters

Team Leader

Dallas County, TX

Logan Rinehart

P19 Logan Rinehart

Team Leader

Columbus, OH

Jay Patel

P20 Jay Patel

Team Leader

Garden City, NY

Ben Kramer

P21 Ben Kramer

Team Leader

Dayton, OH

Erik Malcom

P22 Erik Malcom

Team Leader

Tarrant County, TX

Matt Sisk

P28 Matt Sisk

Team Leader

Terre Haute, IN

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