KLD Staff Participate in NHTSA Bus Tour

August 12, 2016

The NHTSA bus tour stopped in San Antonio, Texas on Friday, August 12, and KLD personnel from South Texas were invited to participate. The event was designed to promote public awareness of the problems the that hot, humid weather of the southern states can create for motor-vehicle safety. Several local organizations andagencies were on-site to promote the event, including the Texas Department of Transportation, the Bexar County Sheriffs Department, and the San Antonio Police Department.

The event was scheduled from 3:30-5:00pm (hottest part of the day), on what the local news called the hottest day of the year. The KLD personnel arrived early to help set up the event. Rachel Coll, Richard Bays and Steve helped with the signage, tables, and traffic controls for the event.

The NHTSA bus arrived at 3:00, and the Administrator of NHTSA, Mark Rosekind, along with his staff, immediately set to work inspecting vehicles for proper tire inflation, scanning VINs for open recalls, and talking to drivers about air bag performance, heat-related vehicle risks, and other important vehicle safety factors. Representatives of the Rubber Manufacturers Association and Firestone provided free tire inspections, while the NHTSA staff checked recall status and talked to the drivers about their vehicles.

While the KLD personnel were initially there only to display the vehicle and equipment used in CISS, they made themselves useful by assisting with traffic direction into the event.

Over half of the vehicles inspected during the event were subject to an open recall. Each driver was given instructional pamphlets, letting them know what to do about their recalls, with websites and numbers to call for help.

Also shown at this event were the effects of summer heat on vehicle interiors, and the grave dangers of leaving children inside a hot car. While outside temperatures reached the triple-digits during the event, sensitive pyrometers were measuring and displaying temperatures inside a locked vehicle above 160 degrees. This demonstrated to parents at the inspection checkpoint how a vehicle interior can become fatally dangerous in just a few minutes.

After a long day of inspections, the administrator and his staff packed up the equipment, but not before taking the time to recognize the contribution of KLD to NHTSAs data-driven mission and goals.

Dr. Rosekind thanked Rachel in particular for volunteering at the event, and for showcasing the dedication of KLD Crash Technicians to collecting valuable crash data in support of NHTSAs priorities.

The following morning, the bus tour arrived in Fort Worth, Texas, where KLD Team Leaders Thorsten Peters and Erik Malcom participated in the final event of the tour.

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