Recent & Historical

NASS: Zone Center 2 & Field Offices

KLDs participation in NASS spanned the entire term of the project, from its inception in 1988 to its conclusion in 2015, and subsequent transformation under NHTSAs Data Modernization Project.

KLD contributed our expertise to the development and operation of NASS, having participated in progenitor crash-data research involving motor-vehicles and pedestrians.

In the NASS General Estimates System (GES), KLD perfomed crash stratification and sampling, data management and completion, quality control, and coding-manual revision.

In the NASS Crashworthiness Data System (CDS), tasks performed by KLD included crash stratification and sampling, primary crash investigation, crash reconstruction and quality control, injury coding, and data completion and sanitization. KLD also composed and edited the NASS-CDS Quality Control Manual, which was adopted by NHTSA as a quality guide for all NASS contractors.

Stability of the experienced,
precisely trained workforce was
always a high KLD priority

Over the years, NASS assigned KLD a series of
special studies supplementing the main effort.

Some special studies were done in cooperation with FMCSA.

The National Automotive Sampling System (NASS) was designed to provide NHTSA an efficient and reusable resource with which to conduct data collection representing a broad spectrum of American society.