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NYSERDA: Commercialize ACDSS Software System

KLD has had a long tradition of developing traffic simulation models (e.g. UTCS-1, NETSIM, WATSIM, GENTOPS) and traffic control algorithms dating back to the 3rd generation UTCS control.

After 2007 and in partnership with its then-affiliate KLD Engineering, P.C. and others, KLD did work for NYCDOT in adaptive traffic control. KLDs role was developing the architecture for an Adaptive Traffic Control Decision Support System (ACDSS) and guiding the implementation of its prototype.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has as its mandate not only supporting energy savings and emissions reductions but also job creation and retention in NYS. As part of this, NYSERDA funded KLD Associates in a cost-shared commercialization of ACDSS that was completed in 2013.

As an essential part of its proposal, KLD learning from experience proposed a strategic partnership with TransCore to market the product, given that TransCore had considerable marketing skills in transportation systems and a substantial footprint of installed traffic management systems. KLD Engineering, P.C. was also a member of this partnership, because NYS law restricts the practice of engineering to such firms.

At this point, KLD Associates owns the commercialized ACDSS intellectual property, licenses the software through the partnership, and returns part of the revenue to NYSERDA under the cost share agreement.

KLD also stands ready to continue its tradition of advanced software development through its own IR&D and contract work.

The other partners have implemented ACDSS in a number of locations (e.g. Overland Park, KS; Arcadia, CA; St. Louis, MO, additional sites in NYC) and are under contract for international implementation (e.g. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia).